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Journey through Switzerland continued...

Journey to Männlichen and the Eiger Trail 

Left campsite at 1000 for 2.5Km hike to Grindelwald Grund. Grindelwald Grund terminal served Männlichen Cable Car and Jungfrau Express. Impressive terminal with around 10 ticket kiosks served through “deli ticket” number system. From the Männlichen cable car station, made the short uphill section to Männlichen peak (2,343) with terrific views and the spectacle of a hang glider launch! Along this section was a Perspex screen where you could “position” the routes climbers took on the Eiger. Retraced steps and headed along the Panoromaweg to Kleine Scheidegg overtaking many loud American tourists! From Kleine Scheidegg (2,070m), headed away uphill to Fallbodensee (2,172m). After rest and stop for lunch, joined the Eiger Trail which took you across the North Face of the Eiger giving close up of its imposing presence, allowing reflection on the lives lost in conquering it. At the turn to Alpiglen, opted for the route back to campsite via Gletscherschluct (1,014m). This route went through forested sections before a muscle and ankle burning descent - 2km at 10-20%; 2km at 20-30%. Thankfully Tricia’s walking poles saved the day again - thank you, Tricia - as progress was very slow over tree roots, switch backs, multiple steps and even a ladder as the route skirted the rock face of Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher, always with rocks and sliding stones underfoot. Finally arrived back at campsite before the sun set at 1845.

Journey through Switzerland continued...

Grosse Schreidegg and Romantikweg

After an ache-filled sleep, decided on late start (1300) and elected for a run up to Grosse Scheidegg (1,962m) - Campsite at 980m - to give some other muscle groups a work-out. It was a tip from Katya and Danny from Sarnen (1st night neighbours in Stellplatz #5) even though the potential 1,400m climb seemed beyond Cora. The first section was a continuous 10km climb from campsite to Grosse Scheidegg with an average gradient of 10% over the whole of the 10km, with sections at 30% where Cora had to go into Turbo (battery sapping) Mode for around 2.5km. Even then it was a struggle! Took 1 hour plus to complete. After lunch and a rest, with the Mittelhorn (3,704m) and Wetterhorn (3,369m) in full view, headed out for a run along Romantikweg, which was mainly a gravel track with some interesting inclines and descents! Lots of concentration required as the mountainside fell away very quickly and the gravel was particularly gravely! Great views across Grindelwald with the dark and imposing north face of the Eiger in full view. After 3.5km, turned around as battery level was 2/5 and didn’t want a repeat of my trip up to Fräkmüntegg on Pilatus where I ran out of battery charge! Around 1 hour there and back. Once back at Grosse Schreidegg, it was high speed downhill all the way to the campsite, with photo stops along the way, with the aim of not being overtaken by the bus! Got up to 25 mph but couldn’t open up further due to the continuous switchbacks. Back down at 1540 with other muscle groups aching!! Swiss airforce playing in the skies above for most of the day. And to finish the day: Steak; Chips; Mushrooms; and Onions (really tasty Rindshohrücken from Migros) while watching the sun set over the mountains with a cheeky glass of red.

Grindelwald to Kriens and home

Very chilly overnight: 10° in van. Popped the heating on to warm through! Broke camp at 1100 to journey back to Kriens with some train spotting and lovely autumn colour views. Stopped off at Aldi to pick up some supplies for the next few days.Journey home was in the main uneventful. 8am start. Fog/mist and rain for first two hours then rain for next 2hrs. Finally 3hrs of sunshine to finish the trip to Calais. Saw only a handful of UK plates all journey - very different to summer. Got to Calais Eurotunnel at 1708 and was able to change from 1918 to 1818 earlier train. Got to boarding point early and was pulled through to the 1748. RESULT! Rained until after Dartford Crossing - very busy as usual - with diversion via M2 to miss bulk of queues. Then quick drive back arriving at 2020 after picking up McDs in Thetford. Time for some rest, relaxation and reflection.Trip distance: 2,314 kms (1,438 mls).

A big thanks to Chris for sharing his trip to Swizerland...We look forward to hearing more in the future.

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