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Meet The Team

Allow us to introduce the driving force behind Up Sticks Campers - the individuals who bring our vision to life. Each member, from start to finish, plays an indispensable role in our journey. Without their dedication and hard work, our success wouldn't be possible. Together, we make every adventure memorable.



Found and creator of all things Up Sticks, Lucy's passion started from a rustic DIY Campervan set up in a rental van and a festival in Scotland....7 years on here we are!



Meet Jemma, the magic behind our sparkling-clean vans! As our dedicated cleaner, she works wonders to ensure each van is a haven of freshness and cleanliness. We owe our sparkling reputation to Jemma's meticulous touch – we simply couldn't do it without her!

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Introducing Marvelous Mark - the heart and soul of our team! With a warm smile and expert guidance, Mark greets you at the beginning of your trip, ensuring your campervan experience is nothing short of perfect. He takes the time to walk you through every detail, ensuring you leave feeling confident and content.

Thanks for all your help Mark!



Retrofitted is the heartbeat of Up Sticks – the masterminds behind our vans. They craft and shape stunning campervans, the very essence of your holiday experience. Without their skill and passion, Up Sticks simply wouldn't exist. Get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys thanks to their dedication!

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