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Retrofitted, the campervan build superstars!

I thought I'd write a little blog about the people behind the build. They are the masters and crafters of the campervans and the reason why the campervans are built to excellence.

Introducing Dave and Mikey from Retrofitted. They are guys, a couple of talented friends that came together from their own van life dreams. With experience from different trades, it was like a puzzle piece coming together. Then not forgetting Carl from custom Stitched who provides the amazing upholstery for the campervans, it all just worked out very well.

The guys having spent the last few years developing and learning about what's really needed for a happy van life, they have created such a fantastic concept that everyone is envious of. Their vision is inspired by seeing lack of style and intelligent design in van interiors. They believe just because the space is small, does not mean it should be compromised and I agree.

Such a great bunch of people to work with, I couldn't be happier to be apart of the team and to represent what they build. Check out their website to get inspired >>>> or their instagram

If you would like to discuss a campervan build, contact Dave or Mikey at

Here are some pictures of our current hire campervan, soon to get a friend very shortly.


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